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ok now 3 2 1

2011-07-02 17:59:28 by DiseasedAfrican

let's jam


2011-06-25 03:29:29 by DiseasedAfrican

And I borrowed a page from a leopard's cage


2011-06-03 01:40:04 by DiseasedAfrican

Forgot to mention this, but I'm Mezmerization.

Just so you know. Not like any of you know who that cool cat is, anyways :<

No, no!

2011-05-17 21:33:00 by DiseasedAfrican

No more, daddy. Please, daddy, stop!!!


This has been a public service announcement, notifying you of the rising number of rape victims. If you ever hear something like this at your local market or even from outside your window, don't just sit there and twiddle your thumbs in pleasure! Do something, like hitting the raging pedophile in the ballsack with your 50-pound purse!

This is Jack Nicholson. Thank you for your time, good citizens of America. Now, we have an interview from Judy Oshawa, one of the victims of a more severe rape case.